Wherever you work, and whatever you do, chances are good that something is missing from your current curriculum map. The more critical the information, the more urgent it is to fill that gap ASAP.

Learning teams run pretty lean and mean so business partners or subject matter experts may be tasked with creating and delivering critical training topics. At first glance, this idea can sound like a no-brainer: “Jack has been the go-to guy for XYZ for five years now. He can do a presentation and bring everyone up to speed on this by Thursday, no sweat.”

On the appointed day, everyone files into the conference room. Jack queues up the first slide and hits the ground running. Ninety minutes and 73 slides later, he’s finished sharing every variation of every detail you need to know about the XYZ system. Mission accomplished, right?

Learning practitioners know that expertise is only one piece of the puzzle. Instructional Designers follow a systematic process to construct learning materials that:
* articulate the performance level outcome expected of learners;
* sequence the content appropriately;
* provide necessary information and learning scaffolds; and
* assess the learners’ performance at each stage.

A true learning experience serves the learners needs. Learning professionals working in tandem with subject matter experts can be the “secret sauce” that elevates information into a high quality learning experience for everyone.